How to Embed Panoramas

The panoramas on the home page of are in fact actual examples of embedding Google Maps Business View panoramas into business web pages.

Linking and embedding codes are easily available from the link button on Google Maps (It looks like a piece of chain).  Once you know how, you or your IT professional may be able to embed your tour in as little as two minutes, depending on your exact web platform and design layout.

This website uses a self hosted WordPress format.  Today, once I’ve decided where I will like to embed a tour,  it takes me from 30 seconds to two minutes to embed the tour.  The first time took about a half an hour, as I was learning and experimenting.

In point of fact, Google Maps Business View photography service provides the least expensive professional quality embedded panorama technology solution available to businesses desiring for placing a virtual 3D tour onto their corporate websites.

You get a very sleek and professional big business look, without huge investments of time or money.

How sweet is that?

Fine Jeweler :: E.D. Marshall Jewelers – Scottsdale, Arizona

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The above tour of the E.D. Marshall flagship Scottsdale location is an example of embedding a Google Maps Panorama onto this web page.

E.D. Marshall also embedded their tour directly onto their website using an elegant and evolving style.


To view E.D. Marshall’s tour directly on their web site click here.

Alternatively, go to the E.D. Marshall home page by clicking here.

Once on their home page, find and click the photo live link which at one time looked exactly like the image on the left.

As with all things web related, E.D. Marshall keeps updating their web design.

As such, the link may not look exactly like this legacy live link when you click through.

The point is there are various possible avenues of options for embedding tours onto one’s own corporate website.  Pretty cool, right?

As desired, panoramas may be embedded multiple times, perhaps starting each tour, as you choose, from a slightly different view of your establishment. This option allow featuring and drawing appropriate attention to key details of select areas of your business on the appropriate pages of your company’s websites.

Embedding tours onto your Facebook page.

Facebook is always in a state of flux.  Currently, Google Maps Business Views may be displayed on Facebook using the Woobox app.

An example of a tour embedded into a Facebook page may be seen here by clicking through to the Woobox static frame on Yucel Photo’s Facebook Page.

Very very cool stuff.

To inquire into scheduling your Google Maps Business View Photos panoramic tour please contact us at Yucel Photo: