What’s a Google Maps Business View Panorama?

Why are people flocking to Google’s Business View pano tours?

Is it because these are virtual tours are effective for marketers and shoppers both?

Many prospective new clients increasingly use the cool experience of visiting establishments on line as an integral part of screening which new business they will patronize next.

How are Google Maps Business View photos used?

As the video shows, Google Maps Business View photos are virtual 3D self guided tours, which are integrated into several of your business’ Google products and may also be embedded directly into your company’s private websites including Facebook.

Nowadays, a majority of consumers and prospects are searching for local businesses online and Google is by far the leading search portal through which these potential clients are choosing between looking at you and your competitors.

Google Maps in conjunction with your free Google Places page are local platforms where your new clients and promising prospects will find your establishment when they search online for businesses like yours.

Help your business stand out by adding an affordable Google Maps Business View tour to your search results.

See businesses inside and out on Google Maps

As the video testimonial above demonstrates, businesses using Google Maps Business View see increased web traffic.   Listen as customer testimonials confirm that these virtual tours were used in choosing to patronize business establishments with tours over other similar businesses lacking tours.

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